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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that the recent launch of Facebook Home is just the first version of the company’s effort to make the smartphone more social. Today at the D11 Conference, she said that the company will continue to update the platform monthly, as it seeks to improve the user experience.

The launch of Facebook Home was highly touted, but didn’t have the huge reception that was expected. However, Sandberg says that the company is committed to making the mobile phone more social. In doing so, though, there’s been a very bi-modal reaction to the new “apperating system,” according to Sandberg.

“Reviews are ones or fives,” she said. There’s not a lot of in-between. Part of the reason for that, she believes, is that those who love it are already really big Facebook users. Those who don’t love it have a negative reaction to the way it takes over the way they manage and move between apps.

Sandberg has had a big year, thanks to her job as COO at Facebook — but also about the launch of her book, Lean In. She said that she wrote the book to help open the conversation about gender. “I wrote Lean In because as it turns out, men still rule the world… and I’m not sure how that’s going,” Sandberg said.

As it relates to the technology market, Sandberg believes that growing the number of women in consumer science fields can actually help alleviate some of the engineering talent crunch. In the mid-1980s, she said, the percentage of women in computer science degrees was about 35 percent, Sandberg said. But now that’s down below 20 percent.


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